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Please work together to protect our most vulnerable

Did you know Whooping Cough can be fatal?

Dana Elizabeth McCaffery died at 4 weeks of age from Whooping cough, a totally vaccine preventable disease. She was the first to die from this appalling disease since 2004.

Born perfectly healthy, our baby Dana became the innocent victim of Whooping Cough due to dangerously low awareness and even lower vaccination rates.

In just four short weeks, our beautiful baby girl taught us boundless love and amazing courage. Read the account of Dana's journey. If you cannot access Facebook you can read their story here.

Learn more about how you can make a difference

We, Dana's parents, wish to thank everyone who has offered their support, prayers and help and would simply like to ask that:

  • All parents vaccinate their children

  • All adults get a booster, which the government should make free-of-charge for everyone

  • If you have a cough, get tested for Pertussis to prevent the spread of the bacteria

  • All levels of government and health workers improve processes to warn the community of outbreaks of any virus or disease and the precautions to take.

Join our Facebook group and help us affect change. Show your support by leaving a comment or write to the NSW Minister for Health John Della Bosca or Federal Minister for Health and Ageing Nicola Roxon.

We also ask that you pass the information on to those you think might be willing to join forces, so that we can help people realise we need to work together to protect our most vulnerable, and to achieve real change.

We owe it to Dana.

Yours in Community

Toni, David, James and Aisling McCaffery

VISIT WEBSITE: www.danamccaffery.com and Dana"s Facebook page

If you can't access facebook please scroll up and click on "read their story here".


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May 11 200 - Dana McCaffery's family welcome national review

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